Adwords coupon

does anyone knows where/how to find adwords coupons?

Ebay sometimes have them listed. Other than that if you sign up for web hosting or the like they generally give ‘codes’ away.

some of the hosting company give it for free

i signed up for 2 adwords accounts and never started an ad. got 2 $100 dollar coupons in the mail that could only be used once per account and for NEW advertisers only.

Take a ride over to Borders or any local book store. Lots of magazines have the vouchers. I think my recent Entrepreneur had either a $50 or $75.

Lots of people I know get Adwords coupons that aren’t used because it’s only for new members and they already have an adwords account.
Might be worth posting on a more relevant section in this forum to ask or try another forum like the money saving expert etc.

There are many hosting companies gives out adwords vouchers also google has some special link so we can get via them