Adwords Certification

I’m preparing to take the Adwords Certification. I already read all the staff from Adwords Learning Center and watched the Adwords online classroom.

If someone have toked the Exams this year, can give me some information from inside (sample questions).


The exam will focus on how Google operates, such as billing and terms of service and international features. Since you are about to take the test have you already met their requirements to run an account for 90 days? Curious to know how much advertising money you had to spend to get ready and qualified to sit for the exam.

what means of the certification?
As I see, the certification only for advertiser use a lot of money on google adwrods, so google will send them a “platinum advertiser by google” certification.
Is this what you want ?

I’ve sat for the Adwords test few months ago. They used to have sample questions but seems like they removed this feature. The questions are simple, I would say. However, please do read the question carefully. It’s not that easy to pass. When I sat for the test, the passing rate is 85. They have tons of questions in their database thus you might not get the same questions as your friend do. Good luck and all the best!