Adwords Arbitrage okay or not?

Is “adwords arbitrage” against google Terms of Services or not? This is when a person use google adwords to promote their own page that is monetized by Adsense.

If it is frowned upon, then why did google post this on their blog saying to use adsense to complete adwords?

I’ve done this for more then 3 month and had no problem with them.
I quite the idea as I only made 1$ per day via this process.

This was nice to see about this. And you are earning only 1 dollar every day by using adwords also.

I don’t know where it is in the terms of service, but from what I have read they do not like arbi and if you get caught doing it then you will get banned. I agree that it is a grey area as some sites still do this and get away with it.

The key seems to be that as long as your site does not really look like an arbi site you will be ok. I think this is tough though because for arbi to work you have to use many ads to get your ctr high enough.

adwords arbitrage is very bad practice to earn money through adwords account. Your adsence account will definitely banned doing this.