Adword campaign declined due to incorrect visible domain, 301 redirect problem

Hello there,

We’ve registered some 20 different domains for our company years back, including a number of generic domains that we’ve used for adword campaigns.

Recently our new site went online and to negate the risk of being penalized for duplicate content all domains are currently redirected to the main domain by means of a 301 redirect. Including the generic domains.

But now we’ve received word from Google that the visible url in the adwords ad and the destination url do not match. As a result the ad is now disapproved.

Both the visible url as well as the destination url contain the generic domain name. But due to the 301 redirect in htaccess file all domains are redirected to the main company url.

So I assume that is the culprit.

Yet I do not have a clue how to solve this in a way that the ads end up on the correct destination page but keep on the generic domain…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance.