Advocacy for link building :)

Sometimes the advocacy for good web content sounds like that there is nothing important about off page SEO! Well i accept its all about good content but after having a good content how we could tell the folk that “hey guys i have a good content on my site so visit it” without link building :slight_smile: What you guys think ? :slight_smile:

How about sharing this content via social media, different communities and forums? That should work!

Basically people won’t find your content without links. I am talking about links in general. And using social media and sharing something there comes down to link sharing. So definitely you still need links. However, after these recent updates by Google, taking precautions in gaining links is a must.

If your goal is to create a buzz for users about your content, then you should go to relevant resources and share it.

Link Building is essential of course as long as it is done the right way. There are many ethical white hat techniques that helps you achieve great targeted backlinks without taking any risk or violating Google policies. One of best is guest posting.

In addition to link building, you need a proper on-page SEO and intense social media marketing campaigns.