Advise needed on paying system

I need to make a website where holiday related packages will be sold. So I have to build in a payment solution. I couple of times I made sites where there with just a few articles from which prices nearly didn’t change. For that I use Paypal. Here how ever the prices will change on a quite regular basis. The people managing the site are not really computer literate so I’m actually looking for a system, if that even exists, where adding or updating packages don’t require to go all the time into the Paypal system. Like I said I only made a few site where on-line payments where involved so this may all sound a bit confusing. Any advise on which system to use and how to use it would be greatly appreciated

Wait, are you looking for the package or are you developing the system? Paypal has an API which Coldfusion can communicate with in order to process orders via that method, but if you want to process credit cards straight up, then you’ll need a merchant account (which will probably also talk to an API)

Hi aaron. No i’m not looking for a way to process credit cards, I’m looking for a not to complicated solution for the client to create new packages or change prices for existing packages. The way I remember it from the few sites I made with paypal, is that when a new product was added or a price changed That I had to go into the paypal system to create a new button(new product) or change details for an existing product.

Like I said the persons managing the site are not really computer literate, so i’m not sure If they know how to handle it. I remember that I found it not the most easy task