Advice with High Volume CPM

I have a site that has gone viral. I’m use to CPA affiliate stuff and have found that they are not converting with this traffic. So I have turned to CPM which I am not that familiar with.

The traffic is transient so I don’t mind maximising my bang on their first visit.

Currently I am running popunders from Infinity Ads (aka and banner sliders from Both seem to check out with positive reviews on different forums. And if I got full fill at their rates I would be very happy.

But it seems I am not. An example of 1 day from Google Analytics:
360k views from 219k uniques. 149k of those uniques were US.

From those ad networks, numbers which reflect less than a third of the above traffic.

Is Google Analytics a reliable source to be measuring them by? Should I be rotating services using an ad server?

I’m not quite sure what a “sliding banner” is, but I’m guessing that is an overlay?

Anyway, TrafficRevenue do not pay for all countries so I imagine they wouldn’t count impressions from countries they don’t serve ads to or pay for.

A large proportion of users also run pop-up blockers, which will also block pop-unders - so they will not be able to serve pops to everyone. They may also not serve pops to every country.

Google Analytics is a good and pretty accurate way to measure your traffic, so their stats are the ones I would believe.

Rotating your ads and setting up default chains (so if one company has no ad to serve they will pass that impression down to the next ad network in the chain and so on) would make more efficient use of your inventory.

As for other ad networks to look at for pops, Casale Media and Valueclick Media offer very good rates on them (along with traditional banners and skyscrapers). CPX Media would also be worth adding to the mix.