Advice please

I am totally new to web design and not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to computers but i have time and patience to learn
I am stuck on page 32-33 after typing out the markup for most basic web page in the world and saving it to a folder How do i get to open it in a browser. fig 2.7

You are obviously taking about ‘Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS’. It tells you on page 32 that you can double click on the webpage filename and it will open.

Alternatively most browsers like Firefox have a menu usually under: File> Open File…

Which you can use to find your page called ‘basic.html’ and open it as you would do in notepad, etc. Or you can even drag-and-drop a webpage file into an open browser window and it will open.

You need to find your folder called ‘Web’ where your webpage called ‘basic.html’ should be.

All sorted
it works now
and yes i was taking about 'Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way thanks for the quick responce.
this may be the first of a lot of basic questions. to come
thanks again

No worries, at least it sounds like you can open the pages you are now writing and they are displaying as web pages.