Advice on Wordpress theme for travel agency?


My name is Viktor and I am about to create a trustworthy website to a new small travel agency that I am about to start up. I plan to build the site in Wordpress and I now look for a suitable wordpress theme. For that I have a few requirements:

  • I want to the theme to give a sense of trustworthiness. The site will primarily be a content page and not a blog, and therefore I do not want to a theme that is very “bloggy”.
  • Customizable. I want to avoid to change the code too much, good Theme Options is important.
  • Pictures on the first page. Preferably a slide show or similar on the first page with pictures that can inspire the visitors.
  • A horizontal top menu.
  • Free.

The best theme I have found is Sight: The negative with Sight as I see it is that the Theme Options are very limited, and hence I would need to change the code myself. I could of course spend time on that, but I would like to avoid it as much as possible.

Would be very thankful for any advices.

Best regards,

Have you checked some of the major theme resources like Themeforest or Woothemes?

I think that hardest thing to get will be free. I’m not saying that there aren’t any good, free, trustworthy Wordpress themes. But those that are high-quality will be used a lot - and blending in w/ the crowd (through a common WP theme) probably isn’t a good idea.

I’d pay someone to make one or buy a theme online. The sites that kohoutek mentioned are good.


Travel Agencies are fairly corporate and simple so any theme of that nature will really work well. You don’t want to go too generic though which will make you invisible.