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Since Christmas is around the corner I am looking for my present hehe :cool:

So I want to become a little more serious about “photography” and need a digital camera to match. I am mainly interested in people as motives but it should have a good macro too for instance since I also want to photograph plants or animals at close range. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

A Cannon Rebel is a good starter DSLR. It can shoot in both automatic and manual mode.
For close up, you can get a macro lens or macro filters (less expensive).

If we’re looking in the range $300-$600 which would be suitable for a beginner where I don’t need an extra degree to handle the camera?

You can actually get a cannon rebel in that range. (The lens quality is more important than the mega pixels.)
All the point and shoots I’ve seen have really small lenses which greatly limits the range of sharpness you can get. Relying on the little monitor also means that you are forced to use auto focus. The battery also drains really fast. That being said, you could try looking at some of the high end point and shoots. Some of them have close up filters you can add on.

canon and Nikon are the best suitable cameras for beginners and you can get any of these as per your budget allows. moreover, you can save your money by simply borrowing the compatible lenses than buying your own one :slight_smile: well i personally like canon but Nikon also gives excellent results :slight_smile: for me both are quite handy and beginners can make the best out of them.

have u heard about Casio Exilim EX-FS10 Digital Camera though its low range camera but it has really nice features…

I agree with the comments about the Canon Rebel. Last year I had done a lot of research in preparation of a purchase for myself. I was sold on the Canon Rebel and then saw the Sony Nex-5.
After comparing, I realized the Nex had a little bit more to offer for a similar (actually lower) price.
I have been very, very pleased with my Nex. There are a few examples on my Flickr account.

I’ve just acquired a nex3 myself to replace an aging and battered old fujifilm which has served as my carry around ‘compact with manual settings and good low light performance’ camera. Now looking to get a reasonably compact long fast prime with an adaptor for street photography (looking at 100mm f/2.8 old zuiko). Looking forward to the firmware upgrade coming out later this month that adds the ‘focus peeking’ feature.

Have you look into Nikon D5100 Camera features… Its really works well. As I know it seems to be with latest technology from Nikon.

the Nikon D5100 is Nikon’s newest DSLR. For $900 you get a great camera with lens.
Featuring a new horizontal swing, vari-angle monitor, full-HD movie recording and Nikon’s easy-to-use entry-level camera. In fact I would say that it is much a head of entry level camera from Nikon with superb features.

Canon 5D Mark II. The best camera ever!

Whenever you are going out to buy an camera - you dont need to look at the brands if you are consisted about photography but not brand.

You can go for camera as your needs like - good shutter speed, its focus and their focus point . Larger the shutter speed and more focus point will give you a better results even in the worst situation. :slight_smile:


You did not mention a limitation of the budget, nor restrictions to space and or weight.
A studio kit is completely different from something you carry 24/7

Canon 7D The best camera ever!

I just recieved this camera as gift from my father and love it!!!

These days, you really can’t go wrong no matter what brand you go with. The technology across the board is wonderful so there are competitive cameras galore and you almost can’t make a mistake. Whatever you get, you’ll love.

If you want an SLR, maybe pick one where you get a nice package with a wide angle to telephoto lens. B+H has good stuff;

If you want easy to use, but fewer manual controls (therefore less fun for a photo-nut), you can maybe go for one of them new-fangled “mirrorless” cameras, like the Olympus Pen. I’m not super versed in those though, so you’ll have to do your own further research on those.


The camera is very important but lenses are important too. I think you need a macro lenses like Canon EF 100mm. (whith a reflex canon camera, of course)

I bought Sony cyber shot and it works very fine there is memory card option with software to create album on PC.

If you are or want to become professional photographer or for any natural photography there must be quality and macro level view of lens is more important to consider. I have used CANON digital camera have one of the best photography features.

Now.In today’s generation Camera come in mobile itself…And if one has good megapixels camera in mobile than they need not to buy digital camera along with…As I doI clicl pictures from my mobile only as it has 5 megapixel camera with flash which makes the picture clicked very fine…

I do imagine that Hospitable has found a camera since Dec, 2010.

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