Advice on creating a design template

When creating a design template, what would be the best design to work with when adding animation into the template? I’m new to web design and currently taking WEB101."

Your question is quite confusing. Did you mean what would be the best software to work with for adding animation to a design/illustration?

Animation is a bit tricky, I would suggest finishing the course your doing now and find an animation course afterwards. However you can use Photoshop CC for animation, along with many others. Also another question to ask is if you are looking for 3D animation or 2D animation.

I don’t know if I can post links but I found a blog post containing a list of the best animation software - its a bit old but still a great list. here:

When you say navigation I’m thinking you mean JavaScript. I think using the jQuery libraries would be what you’re looking for, but you better have a little background on JavaScript if you’re not familiar, there’s going to be a learning curve there.

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