Advice on changing career from software to sales

I have been a programmer for the last eight years. I have experience in .NET technology. I worked as a freelancer for private and public sector companies and this is proving a drawback also. I am not getting job because companies in my country don’t hire freelancers.

I am planning a career transition and want to change to Sales. I have an opportunity to join a leading company that makes solar energy equipments. I want to know whether the move is correct or not.

Are you from India? I guess so.

IMO don’t switch, rather learn new technologies and grow as a programer. Smartphone Apps development is in high demand these days. Try learning that. My experience with Indian companies is similar, they do not hire freelancers. I call such companies nutts. But anyways growing as a programer will make you self dependent.

Very good question, I am also a software professional. The question always arises in my mind that after a certain time I would have to leave the job then what. I do not have very much salary to save anything, after wards what will happen. Perhaps you will be agree that you can not work as a developer for a long time throughout your professional life, so what is bad to change the domain, to switch from technical to administration?

That’s a tough one rpk2006.
IMO, there’s nothing wrong about shifting your field, for me it’s a matter of growing up. :slight_smile:
Make sure at least you can still apply your knowledge in IT, or the product you will sell is about IT / related to your previous expertise.
So you can explain it well to your clients but not in a technical terms.

Good luck to your endeavor!