Advice needed on handling CSS tweaks

Hi, would appreciate some advice on this one…

As far as I can ascertain template overrides are required for output changes to components and modules etc. but not for the actual template css files - such as personal.css, layout.css etc. If I have this wrong please do explain.

Following the recent 1.7.1 update my beez20 index.php file including all css files have been overwritten losing my previous tweaks. Oddly, changes I had made to configuration.php file and multiple defines.php files suffered no change from the update - where I was expecting so.

I can see a relatively simple solution to restore back to how I want it but I would like some advice please on how to avoid losing my changes in the future. Should I be making css tweaks in another way?

Thanks in advance for any help on this

To be honest, I haven’t a clue what your are asking here. Seems like the context is missing. Is this some kind of CMS you are working with? What’s the context of this question?

Sorry if not clear.

Having trawled through other forum posts I am working on the following fixes to avoid my css tweaks being overwritten at upgrade:

  1. making a copy of the template, renaming, and then adjusting all relevant code to refer to new template.
  2. Will also try other solution of making tweaks in template.css file which I believe takes priority and hopefully will not be overwritten at upgrade time.

What upgrade? What are you upgrading?

making a copy of the template, renaming, and then adjusting all relevant code to refer to new template.

Do you mean a CSS file?

making tweaks in template.css file which I believe takes priority

Priority over what?

hopefully will not be overwritten at upgrade time.

Again, what upgrade time?

Sorry, your post still seems to be completely out of context. It’s like an original, introductory post is missing or something. Tell us a bit about your site and the software you are using to put this into context.

I suspect this is a question about a specific Joomla template.

Yup, I DDG’d “beez20” and found stuff like this.

So this isn’t actually a CSS question. It’s a Joomla! beez20 question, because with normal CSS we don’t upgrade anything and we don’t lose our CSS.

But someone who is familiar with this version of Joomla! probably knows how to keep the overriding stylesheet from going blank.
Maybe this thread should be moved over to CMSes and “Joomla! beez20” added to the title? Then again I don’t know if we have experienced Joomla! people here in the CSS section, maybe we do.

I fiind the anser in ather forum

Having searched for information on just this topic without success I have just posted my own similar question. As with other posters the initial question seems perfectly clear to me! I am hoping someone will come up with an answer that enables one to control the updating process so that the template does not get trashed.

Failing that there are two ways round the problem.

  1. ALWAYS save a copy of the index.php and the template.css on your own computer. Keep it/them up to date with any tweaks you may have administered. [I failed to do so - right pain! and had partially to re-invent my wheel.] In case this is gibberish to others, in the back end go to Template Manager and select the ‘Templates’ tab, not the default ‘Styles’ tab and click on the name of the template you want to edit. This loads a new page with in two panes. The LEFT pane, entitled ‘Template Master Files’ should include “edit main page template” which is the index.php The RIGHT pane, entitled ‘Stylesheets’ may list lots of files but the one you probably want is template.css In both cases select all and copy and paste in any editor on you pc and save.

  2. Having modified the template and edit the template.xml file to re-name the template zip all the template files on your pc then install as you would any other template. Updates should then ignore your new template. This seems analogous to the child template procedure in WordPress if you are familiar with that.

After trawling through many bits of information across numerous posts here and elsewhere I found a solution - have tested it thoroughly and it seems to be working fine.

I chose to go the route of turning the core beez20 template, in which I had made many tweaks, into a new template with new name so that future 1.7 updates wouldn’t affect it.
Here’s what I did for the benefit of anyone struggling with the same issue.
My system details: Joomla 1.7.1 - Beez20 core template

  1. Copy and move /FTP the template folder (beez20) to desktop
  2. rename eg. ‘beez20_copy’
  3. open template index.php file in editor and use the search/find function to find and replace all references to the old template name. eg. Change beez20 to beez20_copy
  4. Open templateDetails.xml file – find and replace all names again - details below:
    line 4 change name between <name> tags
    Line 12 – change the description to something suitable
    Line 53+54 change the two language .ini references to your new template name
    you’ll see numerous lines with <field> tags and label references to BEEZ2 – you can leave these alone / do not need to change.
  5. Open Language folder > en-GB folder > 2x language ini. Files : change name of files to reference your new template name
  6. Open component.php file – find and replace all beez20 references for new name
  7. Compress / ZIP your entire new template folder/directory that you have been working on
  8. login to admin backend > extension manager > install template ZIP file
  9. go to Template Manager > select your new template as default for ‘site’
  10. Make sure in the Template Manager you select the right theme - eg. Nature or Personal.

That’s it!
I had an issue with the left column modules – position 5 & 7 showing on the right instead after installin new template.
Fix: in Template Manager in backend toggle the ‘Position of Navigation’ setting and this sorts it (not sure why but so long as it works huh!)