Advice Needed, Help!

Hi ! ! ! !

I had posted in oDesk looking for a Graphics Designer. I posted that I needed an Background Image for my WordPress Body, not Header. But for some reason they keep thinking I am wanting a Header Background.

Maybe I am asking the wrong question. Can someone please tell me how I may get my point across?

This is what I want. I want an Image, one that sits Top Center that spans the whole width of the page. I want it to be 320px in height. My wrapper is 906px in width. I mean am I saying it all wrong?

I you use this in your ad, I’d say it can’t be any clearer :

I need a Background Image for my WordPress Body, not Header

I’ve found that a diagram/example image with annotations works wonders when collaborating with freelancers who quite probably don’t have English as their first language. Also, you may want to consider the categorisation of your post - web designers, rather than graphic designers, are more likely to be familiar with web page related terms such as ‘header’ and ‘background’ rather than graphic designers who may look at this task from a print design perspective.