Advice Needed - Application Sales Per License or Membership Based?

When releasing new applications, do you feel it is better to sell individual licenses for each product, or provide a single member based account for users to have access to the multiple product downloads, resources, etc?

Thanks in advance,

  • Mike

What type of application are you selling? .NET, ASP, PHP, EXE or what?
Licensing type depends on yourself, but most companies are selling individual licenses for each product.

Primarily utilities, and productivity (service management) systems developed in PHP under GPL.

I agree with you, I did a bit of research and decided that individual licenses is the way to go.

Would you happen to know if there is an open source licensing platform floating around?

Sorry, as far as I know there is no open source license manager. There are only two license managers but none of them is open source.

I sell each of my scripts as a per license fee. Currently I’m using phpaudit for the licensing.