Advice from SEO experts needed on how to name my product


I recently launched a new project of mine called BillingEngine and I am currently trying to promote it on the Web.

One of the primary keywords I am trying to target is “billing” (which luckily happens to be a part of the domain).

In the on-page body text, heading and meta-tags I am mostly referring to my app as “BillingEngine”.

Would it be wiser to switch to “Billing Engine” instead?

I wonder if that will make it easier for search engines like Google to determine what the product is all about.

Any feedback from the SEO experts is appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t think it will make much difference to Google. Their algorithms are clever enough to know that BillingEngine is a billing engine.

But it will make a difference to human readers - and that’s important. For most people, seeing two distinct recognisable words will always be clearer than seeing one artificial word. That’s why spaces were invented. For that reason, I would suggest making it “billing engine” in your descriptive text. But, of course, you can still use BillingEngine as your brand name.


Yeah, you can use BillingEngine as your brand name. But use 2 or more keywords in place of one. you can use long tail keywords like best billing engine etc. Most of the users use long tails for searching any thing. So that it will help you a lot.

It shouldn’t make much of a difference to Google, especially since they are now doing a much better job of interpreting “user intent”.

I would suggest you to more than a Product name, kindly focus on site’s quality, product technical features & customer services. Search Engine friendly name hardly matters for better ranking for keywords.

On Web In my opinion countless products are live with very good keyword names but ARE THEY SUCCESSFUL in REAL TERMS ?

I give you a best example World famous industry leader Rand Fishkin changed name company name from SEOMOZ to MOZ.

They removed the SEO from brand but still MOZ is doing very good more than SEOMOZ brand name.

Quality of product creates difference not brand name.

All The Best

I could not agree more. When we started our agency and were looking at domain names, we thought about having “Internet Marketing” or “SEO” in the name itself, but opted not to. As long as we create relevant content of good quality, the rest will take care of itself. I’m sure this will be the case with your business.

I am working for a travel company which they have without “TRAVEL” in their branded site. Choosing a brand name is personal choice I just gave my advice or suggestion on your question.

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