Advice for a new cat owner

2 pictures each.

The top one is butternut. Super calm/laid back. Didn’t meow much on the way home. She DID crap the cage within the first 5 minutes of the normally 35 minute drive (turned into 50 due to my slow speed :stuck_out_tongue: ). Smelly.

The one below is Lilly Pee. I might re-name her as Hugs or something. She will jump into your lap, and stretch her legs out on your chest as if shes hugging you. Super adorable. She needs a lot of attention. She loves it.

They look precious. Hugs looks skinny but she’s about due for a growth spurt so that will likely change . Looks like you have a great troupe and they have a good home.

Yeah I made sure she got some food when she got back to my apartment. She is 5.6lbs when she was weighed on Wednesday :frowning: . Only slightly low since she is 8 months…or 9 months. One of those. One is 8 months and one is 9 months. I’d have to check the paperwork to be sure which is which.

I hope Butter Nut warms up once the shock / stress of the move lowers.

:smiley: :thumbsup: .

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