Advice for a begginner

Hello everyone,

I am currently enrolled at a local college in the IT curriculum with a focus on networking but and next semester I will be taking a programming class that teaches VB. I would like to start learning a language now but I’m not really sure where to begin. I have had prior experience with PHP in the past but currently I’m bouncing between picking that back up or going with java or C#. I your experience what is the better track to take… web app development or general computer programming? It seems to me that in the not to distant future more and more functionality of computers is going to move into the cloud but I would really like some professional opinions.

So PHP/RoR or Java/C#. Also what would be a good recommended language to learn good OOP habits?

Thank you

I think you have to go for Java or C#. Because these languages have a great scope in future. This is a time where most of the IT companies hire programmer those are good in programming languages especially like Java, C# and PHP.

I think I’d go for Java/C#

I’d focus on a web app potential.

Java / c++ keeps your options open

Actually I would recommend something like Python if you are interested in both the potential for web and desktop development.

It’s a great language to get started with and unlike Ruby doesn’t tend to get too tied in (technically) to the frameworks that exist for it. :slight_smile:

I agree with your choice because always follow your heart quote. And then you will be more successful because you know its your own choice and you have to do this with best results.


I recommend you to learn c++ which has many features like abstract classes,multiple inheritance, etc.

All I can say is keep your head in the books, and no ?'n is a dumb question. When it comes to learning programming languages, always ask a gazillion ?'ns, even if you feel it’s dumb.