Advertising on websites

I have no idea what to charge for online advertising space. I was thinking maybe 50 - 200 EU per month. I am fairly sure PR has something to do with what you can charge.

I read this article -, and it helps quite a bit but didn’t give me a definitive answer to my question. When you’re selling something normally there is valuers, is there nothing like this with web advertising. I can’t really make up prices, they have to be in proportion to the real world. Would this be a case of posing as a potential advertiser to competitive website in order to find a mean price?

My best advice is you have decide the value and it has to be competitive. Plus you have to have proven value in your site to charge for this space.

For example I started off trying it for a one time only fee of $25 but that still didn’t work great, mainly because I still needed traffic and such but also because I didn’t offer what the potential advertiser deemed worthy of their advertisement.

So I came up with FACTINARY Advertising = Big $$$ and have sense actually made some money.

It all depends on what you can do for the advertiser, always think of it from their point of view.