Advertising and page design

I am designing my sites around my cartoon teddy bear characters.

These characters are displayed across the sites in 6 frame adverts (static) cartoon strips. No cookies, presently only advertising my own network of sites awaiting first commission after launch of the flagship UK site today at

Perhaps someone could take a look and see if you like this form of advertising?

Also can be seen on where text links are displayed above and below the cartoon strips.

Now there are no cookies, no affiliate links and no geo tracking nor any form of anything used other than purely six images with a funny cartoon strip. Simply a commission nice funny artwork to create work for and from a choice of cartoonists or you might like to try adwords elsewhere.

Would that be a nice way to see adverts for you and would you block them and if so how?

Wht are your thoughts?

And I know what Google say about text ads and geo and contextual ads working best so let’s say that point is a given please. In that Yes I know I know. I am breaking the mould.


This thread would be more appropriate in the Design Element section or the [URL=“”]Website Review section.

I’ll close this thread but you can open a new one inn the appropriate section but you will need to review 3 other sites first as stated in the guidelines for that section. This ensures that there is always plenty of “give and take” and that you get honest reviews from others :slight_smile: