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Did we get ads for our website just after our website is online? If no, so when we get ads?

Pretend for a moment that you are somebody else who is not connected to you or your website.

Read this question again and see if it makes any sense to you; as it makes none to me.

I think you need to supply more information.

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give me any link which gives more information about this… Thank you

Are you asking about applying for Google AdSense, or some other ads?

Exactly I am asking about the Google AdSense.

You can put them as soon as your site is live.

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Thank you molona

No probs. Just remember that making money of this is not easy… but you start building traffic slowly and one day… well, it is there :slight_smile:

Has Google Adsense changed their policy?

I thought there was a six month waiting period before Ads were allowed on a new site.

Dear Piyush,

there are certain policies of Google Adsense according to which they allow ads on websites. For sites from India they require you to own the site for at least 6 months before you place the ads. you can read more about it at

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Has it? Then I apologise. My bad. Too long since I opened my account.

I haven’t read anything like that though, just that it is subject to Google’s approval.

Good question @Piyush1 most of the people do ask the same question online. I would love to give you answer. You do not get ads just after getting online your website. we have to build the reputation to get direct ads. If you want to apply for google adsense, then you have to do it after 1 or 2 months if your website have built the reputation and having considerable traffic.

Am I able to make you understand all these things

I am agree with @nikhilsaini75 reputation is necessary to get ads from any where,you can apply for Google adsense after 6 months in many countries like indian,pakistan etc

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