Adverising on a site with multiple pages

I have a site with a lot of pages, different products but all in the photo restoration area. My question is when putting advertisements on my site do I put different ads on different pages? I was thinking of ads relating to the particular service I offer or do I just put the same ads on every page or just the home page? I am really new to advertising on my web page.
I was considering affiliate programs to start with.

any advice would be appreciated.

have you tried adsense? i realy think adsense is good for starters?

no I havet tried anything yet but I’m trying to find out if I should put the same ads on all pages or not.

He is right. AdSense is really good.
You can work with few ad networks at same time. It can help to increase your revenue.
Try to work with AdSense, Fidelity Media and Value Click.

I think there will be no problem having the same ads on different pages of your website as long as the content are still related to the ads. This thing is already a common thing for blogs especially with wordpress and blogger that have the sidebar always visible at different pages as well as some web 2.0 lay out.

Thank you for the advice but that wasn’t really what I was asking. I want to know if the advertisements can be different for pages with different content. Or if I have to keep them the same as the index page.
Thank you

just use adsense and they will show different ads for each page