Adsense Script Problem Or Bug?

Hi there,

I have a website and if you notice on all the inner post pages you will see the 160x600 ad on the right side bar.
My problem is the ads are not appearing on the front page (right bar) and you can see the empty space where it should be appearing.

If anyone knows why its not showing up for just the front page or has any suggestions/ solutions please respond here.

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Nothing obvious stands out in the code, then again it’s late in the night here for me and the wife has me on decaf because I upset her so I may of missed something.

Try fluffing the ‘comments’ section with some fake posts is all I can suggest for now, the sites powered by wordpress and that’s unfamiliar ground for me so suppose there could be a plugin misconfigured but it’s probably unlikely unless you have one dealing specifically with adsense/ advertising code handling.

Could it be that you haven’t defined an Ad of that size (the one that is not appearing that is)?

I believe you need to define all your ads in Adsense to get the code for them.

You must also remember that if Google has no related ads a blank space will be shown.
Try adding some extra copy around the ad container and see if that helps.

Cool site by the way, Barry

Thanks computerbarry, that is a really good point, I can change that setting to display something else. Thanks! :slight_smile: