Adsense or CPA

i have an website , i’m use reddit and instagram for generate traffic but my earning from adsense is very low , i think cpa offers ( banner ad) is best way for earning .

please give me some tips

Note : CPC In my adsense account is 0.2$ and My CTR is 2% , country ( USA , UK )

It’s vary on your traffic and which company offer you? If your main traffic from social site then I will recommend you to use CPA. Or if you increase your content quality and get traffic from google then continue to using Adsense. It’s my opinion, I don’t know what expert says.

Thank you

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I like to use CPA for direct traffic or website, for example for a streaming site or Short URL site, specific offers are the best way to become profitable and start to bring traffic. also, there are ads offers that can work with Google Adsense such as Push offer or Downloads Button. if you ask me to use both with ad maven CPA offer, good luck

yes Push niotification is the best

You can use also Facebook,Twitter and other social networks for generating traffic of your website.Create an ad on Facebook and publish it. That’s it.If your ad and offer are attractive, I’m sure you can make some money out of it.
And I think that CPA marketing is the best and fastest way to monetize.

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