AdSense Not Working On My WebPage

Hi, It never happened with me. I have inserted an AdSense script on my site but it shows nothing. I waited 3 weeks but still, nothing shows. I started to google support article that says my browser is blocking it or there is some installed program like adblocking. I tried this on several devices but till Adsense does not show.

Site link: you can find the AdSense area on my sidebar.

What should I do? please suggest me. The strange thing is other sites AdSense works but not mine. I have also regenerated the AdSense script and inserted.

I did not spot the AdSense script in the source.
On which line is the script found?

I see the script now, on line 541.
It is creating iframes, with nested iframes inside, but the body of the nested frames appear to be empty.

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I have inserted the script, please find this script word: <ins class=“adsbygoogle”

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I believe you are using the <ins> tag incorrectly. See

A <div> would seem to be more appropriate.

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I am copying the code from google Adsense and inserting on WordPress widget text

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