Adsense new look

anyone tried the new look?

I think I like the old one better though the new one comes with new tools, I prefer the old one. how about you?

Yes I tried it, it’s ok, you get the same data and can do some comparaisons visually which you couldn’t do before without the use of a spreadsheet.
It’s nice if you keep a log of change you’ve made to your ad placement, so you can compare easily and improve your eCPM.

But even before I used madsense free software which downloads the CSV files and display nice graphics.

I think the most useful is to link your adsense account to your analytics account, then you can see interesting data you can use to improve your eCPM.

I am still getting used to the new adsense look… although I find the old one much better in terms of displaying of data. But I think they have their reasons to switch to the new layout. Hopefully they can come up with more tutorials how Publishers can maximize the new layout =)

I liked it for the first ten days of the month, after that it took three steps to see the day’s results in context. Returning to the page after more than a few minutes, I’d hit the “This month, by day” Quick Report link, which normally just refreshes that screen. Then hit it again. That would show the results for the first ten days, so then I have to scroll down and move to the next page or change the “Show rows” option to 50.

I really liked the old report where I could easily see how the day was shaping up compared to the previous week. My traffic varies through the week so much (crests on Tuesday or Wednesday and drifts down to the low on Saturday) that I really like to compare each day to the same day in the previous two or three weeks.

So far I can’t get the “show rows” to stick.

Other than that, it’s not only more information but most of it seems to load a lot faster, as if they did a lot of new structural stuff to support the new formats.


I like the new category blocking feature of the new version but prefer the way the reporting works in the old version.

vanhorn, if you are interested in seeing how your stats evolve by day of the week, you should give a try the free application called madsense. It shows the progression of all parameters ctr, ecpm, displays, etc. compared to the last 7,14, 21 and 28 days.
I use it since long before the new version of adsense, it has graphics and really a lot more stats, or just the same stats but ordered differently so easy to analyse.

Actually, it looks like setting the “Show rows” to 50 and then clicking on “Set as default report” that the entire month shows up. I may check out madsense, but this seems to work well enough for me now.

So, to answer the original question, I’ve been using the beta since a day or two after it came out and like it.


I’ve been beta’ing through the new Adsense for over an year now. It takes some getting used to, however, I really do believe it is better.

Simply put, there is more scope for all kinds of statistical analysis through this new interface. What is also a positive is the consistency between Analytics, Adsense, Webmaster Tools and other Google products.

It is like anything else… when you are use to seeing things in one place and now opening the new adsense places stuff in different locations it tends to not sit well until i get use to it. Anyone else feel the same way? Still, as long as they generate my visitor impressions and clicks I am happy. Looks like new ways to see data also… that’s a plus.

I just dislike their new look because it takes more time to load than the old look of adsense.However I have also heard that they add some more analytical tools and that I really appreciate.