Adsense Issue

Yesterday while doing a search on another website that uses Google search for it’s results I ran across an add that had my domain name in the ad. I did not place the ad so out of curiousity I clicked on it. It went to another site that I have never heard of. I then used the same search term on Google and not only does this person use my domain name in his ads but many other sites that are well known, many with commercial brands. I have contacted Google but the ads are still showing up.

I can not figure out who the person is because he uses Domains by Proxy to register. He has multiple sites and they are set up a directory type of page. I am sure you have all seen the type of site this is, no content, just wants you to click on one of 10 links on the page. I am sure he is paid if you click on the links. I can not figure out also who he uses for this as it a long scrambled code when you look at the source code.

What would you do if you were me?

I’d keep contacting Google. You have to give them a few days to contact you back.

This is really amazing. I did not heard about this.
Why he is using your domain.