AdSense images

I’m a CPM advertiser but have just added Google to my sites. I chose text and images, but I don’t actually get paid for the image ads, right? Unless someone actually clicks them? I thought they were like CPM ads, but I think I was wrong.

Do image ads actually convert?


Yes, even image ads do convert and you will get paid for the same too when people click on the image ads. You may find some of the image ads on websites orientalads . com and bid4insurance . com which you will witness that works.

It very much depends on the format and the ad placement. I’m not sure 468x60 image ads still work, but a big square ad next to text can work.

Google advise allowing image ads as well as text ads even though the image ads do not earn quite as much as the text ads since including them helps to increase what the advertisers have to pay in order to get their ads seen and so overall you should make more money by including them than if you don’t.

I beg to differ,but since an image ad takes the whole ad placement space, it can deprive you of providing the visitor the option of some relevant ads thru text if the image is irrelevant.

text ads is more effective then image ads