Adsense for Finance Niche website targeting Resident Indians and Non Resident Indians

Recently posted a traffic report for 1 month (link published if you have to refer)

Do you think AdSense will be a good option for us to earn some $$$?
Website is just into 2nd month. So far we have visitors more than 2k and around 36 articles have been published. Can we apply for a AdSense account?
Is there a traffic limit which we need to reach to qualify for the account and how much traffic is ideal for a good revenue.

Your time time and tips/ views are really appreciated.


If you reside in India I think the minimum age for a website/blog must be 6 month to be accepted into AdSense. If this is your only website you can try but will be most likely rejected. If you have another quality website that is older apply with it instead. You can add AdSense to as many websites as you want after being accepted.

You wont earn much with 2k visitors per month and traffic from India but yes, AdSense will in fact be one of the best options you have to monetize your website.

Good Luck

2k visitors per month could make you in quite honest settings (at $5 eCPM) maybe about $15 per month. It’s not so interesting, and I said within honest settings which are much more difficult to achieve with traffic from India.

You can try to apply for adsense, if you get rejected it’s not a problem because you can try again later on with the same site or another site. Being rejected doesn’t mean you will always be rejected in the future, there’s no blacklisting on your name as opposed to when youve been banned.

Let me make it very clear that am not very old in money making world but i certainly know that there is no such condition that your site must be 6 months old before applying for adsense even in India. I got my adsense approved through a 2 days old blog. Though not able to make exceptional amount of money but thats a different story.
And yeah, traffic from India doesn’t pay much but if you can play it well they can turn out good sometimes.

Thanks, what’s your suggetion other than ad sense.