Adsense Expert Help

I’m getting 5000+ unique visitors per month but I am only earning $3 a month. I don’t think I’m doing good with such a low result. Can you guys tell me what is wrong with my setup?

Here’s my site :

Thanks in advance!

Try placing a medium rectangle with image&text Ads enabled inside your article content
after the first few paragraphs. That should greatly increase your revenue.
Try the same strategy on your main page.
Also it is a good Idea to place a third rectangle at the end of an article where viewers tend to search for where to go next.

Good luck

Thank you! I’ll try that for the next month and we’ll see how it goes. Cheers!

I would suggest using an AdServer like DFP Small Business to measure your success.

Instructions how to setup DFP you can find here:
How to set up DFP Small Business for serving Ads on your sites