Adsense and AdWords - why use them?

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Overview There are a lot of different ways that savvy people monetise the web, of which AdSense is only one. For perfect clarity, where we are talking ‘Adsense’ we’re really talking about Adsense for content, contextual ads on the Google Adsense network that that can be utilised on blogs, websites or any other web-based properties that fit within Google’s publishing rules. You place the ads and run them and based on the keywords you’re filling, traffic volumes etc you get a cut of ad revenue (which can be lucrative depending on the size of the property etc). On the other side of things you have Google AdWords, which is Google’s advertising program. AdWords basically provides a platform for Google advertisers to bid for keywords, and for publishers to gain variable payment for ads that are placed in content. Google has a fairly strong set of policies on AdWords in the same way that they do with Adsense, since neither the publisher or the advertiser have full control of what ads are displayed where. You can view the full set of rules and restrictions here, but suffice to say that they are focused on good user experience, not confusing or misleading the user and on restricting ads from sites that provide pornographic or ‘adult’ content. A great resource to take a look at to get more of a view on both of these is the Guide to Google Ads. The Good stuff One of the best things about AdSense ads is that they follow all of…

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