AdSense Ads in Emails

Can I display AdSense ads in an HTML email to my clients?


its not going to be legit clicks… all you can do is add your site as footer on your email where your client can visit…

They say in adsense tos that you can’t do that. Perhaps you can contact adsense directly and get an answer for your particular case, it can work depending on the size of your mailing list.

Adsense relies on JavaScript to insert the ads into the page. Since any sensible person has JavaScript disabled in emails that means that the ads are not going to display in the email even if you do include them.

No, you can not put adsense ads in e-mail, but you can put them on a targeted website that is linked to your e-mail. Then you can use this in your e-mail marketing strategy.

It is against the TOS of google adsense. You can’t add google ads in an email.

Definitely a no no, so are adsense in pop ups.

Most people don’t have javescript enabled on emails so no nobody will even see it and it is against googles tos

Sure you can, if you don’t mind being banned from adsense.