Adsense ads from a unique URL

Adsense ads from a unique URL…

I have code for three adsense ads. My theme puts two into the sidebar, and one in the footer. After running Page Speed in Chrome, I am advised that “It’s important to serve a resource from a unique URL”

After reading a bit, I suspect the problem is that these ads are served-up from all the different pages within my site…since the sidebar is there on most of the (different) pages.

How do I set things up so that they are served from a single URL?

I am quite new at this. I am using WP 3.1.3, Polished theme from Elegant Themes, W3 Total Cache, WordPress SEO 0.4.2, on a Windows 7 x64 machine and have shared hosting using Linux/Apache. Page Speed in Chrome is 80. Page load time: 12 seconds. and am currently hidden from spiders.



There exists no such problem to fix. You would not want to serve your ads up from a unique URL even if you could; the ads need to be part of the page the reader is viewing for the contextual advertising to work.

Thank you Dan,

I wonder why Chrome’s Page Speed lists it as a problem?

Here’s an attachment with the message just under the first yellow button.

(I hope someday to understand the other warnings and errors, too)

Thank you


Because the Page Speed tool is not omniscient and doesn’t know the purpose behind every request. AdSense wouldn’t work if each ad unit didn’t make a new request.


I looked closer and sure enough, there are differences for the 3 ~different~ ads.

What you said initially combined with this recent answer clears it up good enough for me.

Thank you.