Adobe Photoshop


I am trying to follow tutorial on creating Christmas decoration and I am confused on the below comment:

Take the Pen Tool (P) to represent one more ornament on the toy, drawing firstly its outside edges and then after changing the tool’s regime, cutting out the inside elements.

Anyone can help me to understand how to cut inside elements changing tools regime ( I attached picture with illustration)

Could you please help me how to do that step?

Thank you in advance

You don’t need to cut out anything. It’s much easier to do it the following way (I’m assuming you mean the portion on the outer edge where the tree shapes are barely visible):

  1. Draw those zig-zags (Christmas tree edges) with the Pen Tool (choose shape)
  2. Place your newly created shape over the red circle
  3. Click and hold the Alt/Option key and move your mouse between the two layers (in your Layers palette). You should see an arrow showing downward. Click once and the new shape will only show the parts that are on the red circle.

Thank you for reply.

I need step by step explanation how easily cut x-mass tree shape exactly as shown on picture.

I tried using alt and moving mouse between layers, but somthing did not work, I cannot see the arrow:(((

If you realy want a step by step tutorial. Maybe you can go to youtube and search “how to use cutting tools in photoshop” or something like that. It’s hard to have a step-by-step procedure here.