"adobe flash player settings " appear under movie clip

Hi guys,

i have a problem with the flash player settings window. I call to ask for camera permission when the movie starts, with a smaller delay there are movieclips appearing on the screen that jump over the settings window and it’s unclickable (not unclickable, but only one half is visible, so i can click only on deny)
I thought the the settings window always sits on the top, no matter what… do you have any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks Y

It does sit on top by default.
Seeing an example of this could help us to diagnose your problem…

i think i found what was causing the problem:
stage.addChild(new chat_log_mc());

when i removed the stage it worked fine…
addChild(new chat_log_mc());

i’m new to flash but isn’t this thing dangerous, i mean you can put different content over the system window with different question and you can get access to the user’s camera…

The user still needs to hit Accept on this dialog before the flash can gain access to the camera.