Adobe creative cloud 6

Hey…I am a newbie and i wish to go for CS6. Based on your personal experience, can someone please throw some light on the various applications such as Dreamweaver and photoshop that are there in CS6. I would also like to know your opinions on the new pricing policy based on subcription.

I use this very product and it suits my needs very well, I constantly have the latest versions of the entire product line and the pricing is very reasonable for me.

Is about time they dropped the price for starters, so that is all good. If you don’t like the subscription you are still able to buy stand alone software but it will cost you more.

The package is very comprehensive for what you pay, you get access to all their big ticket packages. If you’ve never used Dreamweaver before then you’ll find it a mature product. I’ve used it since its early days but more recently haven’t required it. Photoshop is still THE standard for photographic editing, but the offerings now include video and 3D. It maintains a very high quality in what it can do and is a very powerful program.