Adobe Acrobat Help - blacking out text


I’ve been asked to black out text in a PDF document. When I do this in Adobe Acrobat, it appears to be blacked out, but it is only highlighted in black.

The text can therefore still be copied and pasted into notepad etc.

How do I prevent the user from ever being able to see the text?

Thanks very much.

Just remove the text…or change it to “█████████████████████████” Unicode U+2588 Full Block


However if the font isn’t installed on the system, the text can’t be removed by pressing delete or backspace.

But I found a better solution for this… which is Acrobat’s Redaction tool.

Its not a font…Its part of Arial which happens to be on most computers. You can also embed fonts in PDFs anyways.
In Windows open Character Map to get access to all the glyphs (Unicode) any font supports.

What is the alt code for full block?