Admob blocked my account. .what to do?

I owned two mobile sites and was running admob (adsense sister concern for mobile sites) I had 32$ earnings in my publisher account yesterday when i tried to log in to my admob account,I got message that my account has been blocked for invalid clicks.I didnt use any unfair means to get clicks and now i am at loss to understand why am i being punished without any fault of mine

Your best bet in these situations is always to inquire with the ad company directly in a polite, yet persistent manner, to understand what explanation they can offer up. No one but their team can speak to the source of the issue or the potential resolution. Of course at $32 there’s not much legal recourse if you don’t believe their response falls within the grounds your agreement but obviously you can vocalize your concerns in a public forum like this one.

Remember, just because you didn’t do anything directly does not mean your account did not have a reason to be removed. Ask them why and go from there.

yeah you are right. . but point is it is their responsibility to not count fake clicks and they should not block innocent publishers account for this reason

Their responsibility is to survive as a company which means being able to keep their advertisers happy so they can pay their publishers and really their employees.

Being able to separate independent fraud from bad publishers is important for their future growth but even at the largest scale it’s still impossible to know for sure when someone is behind bad deeds and when it’s just bad visitors. Thus when someone making you very little money raises a bunch of alarms [that would be your site] the solution is generally to walk away. It may feel cruel but it’s about building a sustainable business… on both sides.

If your traffic is a problem you aren’t innocent, at least not in a way that matters – it’s your site, your audience – you become a liability to the entire operation and thus the best thing for you right now is hope they respond so you can understand is what went wrong so you can either fix it with them or avoid in the future with other networks.

You had earnings, they owe a reason for why you’re not getting them. Beyond that it’s a question of if it makes sense to both of you to work together and right now the answer is apparently no.

I partly agree with you but although my visitors may be my responsibility but i have no control over their actions.I dont ask them to click on ads so obviously i can not ask them not to click on ads in bad faith.Moreover it is not the amount of money that is at stake,it is business ethics that i am talking about.I may have little money in my admob account but i have invested lots of time and energy

But that’s the point: they’re your visitors and even if you say they took actions entirely on their own, it compromises the network. Over the long haul addressing the root offenders is vital but even Google can’t stop that completely thus the logical solution is to remove the source and decrease the opportunity for the problem to occur.

There is nothing unethical at all about removing someone because they jeopardize your business just as there’s no reason you couldn’t drop them for your own reasons.

You say it has nothing to do with you but depending on how the issue was triggered that not be so obvious or believable from their side. There is far more to fraud than telling people to click… the type of visitor you have can be reason alone. This is why you reach out on the decision. People who are up to no good tend to move on, people who are falsely flagged protest it. Their system makes calculations but humans can override those if they chose to do so…

Have they responded yet?

your argument sounds logical but they shouldnt have blocked my account,they could have deducted my earnings after counting the bad clicks.By blocking my account they have closed all doors for communication.
No they have not responded yet to my email

You’re still looking at fraud as an absolute but this isn’t fake bills, you can’t always tell the good from the bad so when you suspect a problem, you lock it down.

Still to your point what matters here is all their responses… not replying is just a good practice and as evidenced by this thread, has a negative impact to their reputation. Have you considered a phone call? Tweet? Something else to get to the top of their radar.

But other players like mobgold and buzzcity simply deducted earning generated from bad clicks and never block account.If they can do this,why cant a bigger company like google apply similar mechanism?

I reside in india and giving them a call on us number is expensive for me.As for tweet,well unless they follow me back i can not send them direct message

I suspect Google and others do all the time without you even knowing because they simply report on what’s been filtered.

However if there’s an ongoing issue the question is why wouldn’t they cut you? Y

Again you have to think about the cycle of how the industry works. Companies buy ads to achieve results which publishers are paid on the basis of. While both sides are absolutely vital to the process, the large networks the shortage is advertisers [this can reverse in a highly sourced program] and thus if there’s a potential impact to the supply, it’s negative to the overall program. Cut the bad sources, keep the model working for 99%… it’s simply math: if you’re having multiple people to tell you that your traffic is a problem, you should expect to see an impact.