Admin password


i updated my website from admin panel changes the site setting and i changed my admin password and forgot the password for the website admin panel…can u tell me how to get it ?? the website is php based one.

If it is the control panel admin login where the password is forgotten then there would be no access to the database at all since you need that password to log in to access the database.

For the control panel login password the only option if there isn’t a password reset option is to ask the hosting provider to reset the password.

If this is on your server you might be able to look at the user table in the DB for some clues. The password will likely be stored as an MD5 or SHA1 hash. If the PW column is 32 or 40 characters long, respectively, that is probably the case. You could try generating your own hash of your new preferred password and updating the DB record with that.
If the system uses a salt things will be a little trickier. You might have to look at the source code to see how the salt is applied (e.g appended to the raw password before SHA1).

its the website admin panel it does not show that option

It depends on the actual script but most have a “Lost Password” option.

thanks ill ask my coder to help me.:)) idk hw to check the db lol

Just go to your database, find the table which holds the admin login details, then update that entry with new admin password. usually passwords will be MD5. So select the MD5 option while inserting the new admin password entry.

thanks raju ji for u r help :))