Admin layout with slide side with grid how to fix content width

Hi there,
I’m trying to make a layout like this
using grid layout so I set up this

and it works quite well except for the content
you can see using translateX the element
don’t cover the whole space left from sidebar.
Is there a way to fix it ?
Thanks in advance

Are you using Grid? Why all the “magic numbers”?
If using grid, use the grid and lose the magic numbers. Unless you actually want a old-school rigid layout instead of a bleeding-edge responsive grid layout.

I’m not sure why that’s there, what are you trying to do with that? :confused:

Taking another look at the example site, to try and get a better idea of your intentions, I’m thinking grid probably isn’t the best tool for the header|content|sidebar|footer portion of the layout, as the header and sidebar there are fixed and not in the flow, just the content is.
Though grid may be good for the content of the content block, if it’s anything like that site.

On a side note I always think that designing a layout without having the content in there is folly, as it should be the content that defines an element’s volume which influences the layout. When it’s added after the game changes.

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I want to do an experiment :slight_smile:
I like the way to do layout with grid so
I want to see if I can move the rows or columns around
but I can agree with you that grid is not the right tool
but I like to try :slight_smile:

Of course, nothing wrong with experimenting with new css. :smile:
I want to do some grid experiments myself when I find time.

It could be a great tool for the boxes inside the content block on that example site, as I said.
But when you have fixed elements like the header, they are removed from the document flow, so become as if a separate entity form the main page elements in a space all of their own, so won’t play as part of the grid.

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