Adjusting Ordered List

I am using an Ordered List for End-Notes and have

list-style-type: none;

but the <li> are still indented where the numbers used to be.

What is the proper way to move the list items over to the left?


shouldn’t it be an unordered list?

i’m just sayin’


A list indent has nothing to do with the list type, so you have to get rid of it separately. it is good to reset these properties generally.

OL, OL LI { padding:0; margin:0}

hope that helps

That would probably make sense. :wink:


If the order of the list items has significance, use ol, regardless of whether the numbers are displayed. Otherwise ul.

I don’t know… is it?

Citations and End-Notes must indeed match up. So in that sense order matters.

But I am manually typing [1], [2], [3],… in the End-Notes section, so I would think an <UL> would suffice. :-/