Adjacent selector

I’m trying to target the outer table in
Since it always the first table after the h1 tag in the Content div, shouldn’t the adjacent selector work?
h1 + table {
So I can create a little spacing before that table ends.


before anything you really need to check your HTML code. It’s riddled with typos. (too many to even list here… but check your tags…many aren’t closed some are WRONG (</he>?), etc. Once that validates what you are trying, should work. ( tho maybe not as expected)
padding-bottom:15px; will add 15px of space INSIDE the table at the bottom…if that’s what you want then you are ok. but I am thinking what you are really after is margin-bottom:15px.

hope that helps

Trying to validate it, but lots of errors are coming from that calendar thing
Its from and I guess I need it to validate so I think its not too good, do you have a better solution for an event calendar that I should use in its place.

I also have some </p> tags which wordpress seemed to put after the 3 labels. Is there a way to stop that?

It does actually work (as you see by using Inspect element) but it doesn’t push the main table down any more, for some odd reason. It’s not table data anyway, so my advice would be to ditch the tables here.