Address has been blocked

i want to ask that whenever i open browser and open any website this error notification come again and again by Eset nod32.
what does it mean. pl z help me

Probably that Nod 32 thinks that there’s some kind of insecurity (if not virus) at that address

You are likely to be already infected with malware or adware on your PC and probably have a hijacked browser and that site is one of the sites hosting the rogue code.

The URL ending with LoadJS.ashx points to malware known to be Olmarik TDL4.

I’d recommend running the ESET’s stand alone removal tool for OlmarikTdl4 from KB Article SOLN2372
If this fails to resolve the issue, follow the steps here and then contact customer care as shown on the last step of KB Article SOLN2505

Clearly you are infected already, so you need to disinfect, DanielESET is right.