Additional work needed for Ipad?

Is additional coding/cross browser compatibility testing needed for the ipad at all?

I’m assuming that since it’s built on the Safari browser that the answer is no. But then again, it is a smaller screen then your typical monitor so I’m not sure. How much smaller is the screen anyway?

As rarestone has mentioned above, there are subtle differences which can affect the experience. Firstly there’s the issue of screen size, while the iPad isn’t as restricted as the iPhone (obviously), ensuring your site can scale in smaller resolutions is paramount. Another issue to consider is portrait VS landscape, the iPad alike the iPhone can actually change the available viewport space depending on the way the device is held, this can impact the way your content is displayed as the amount of height or width will dynamically change on user-request. Next you need to account for typography, the idea of websafe font’s has always been a big issue, but as the devices are more limited in what they can undertake, installing loads of useful font’s isn’t an option so users will be stuck with whatever comes on their system (which may not match what you provide). On top of that there’s no Flash support, no support for popup’s, no hover event (because there’s simply no need for it) and there’s lots of other subtle things which may affect the experience. With the iPad things should render pretty fine in general (if your site degrades gracefully), though I recommend testing on the device if possible but otherwise you might want to try an emulator which can give you a rough idea as to how it’ll look. :slight_smile:

PS: Speed is going to be the biggest factor of all, large file sizes over 3G will lead to a poor experience and potential costs for the end user (mobile data is expensive)!

Writing from my iPad. I notice most sites look fine, unless they use flash of course. I now get uber annoyed now when people use flash without any description of what it is.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no “mouse-over”

Sitepoint looks much the same as on my desktop.