Adding watermark to blob in oracle Pl/SQL

Hi Team,

I need to add watermark image or overlay image into another image using pl/sql.

I am having two blob values which i converted from base64 using:

The first image is of size 74*74 px and second image is of size 30 *30 px.

I need to add the second image at the center of first image.

Many blogs suggested to use ORDImage but it is giving many errors.(may be due to the fact the image is derived from base64).

Please suggest whether there is anyway i can merge these two images in Oracle.

The solution not only be limited to pl/sql alone, can also suggest if there is way using java classes(Java 5) which i can import and call them through stored procedure as well.

P.s:If needed i can store the second image in backend table and use it but the first image is dynamically generated as base64 value which i converted to blob.

Also am going to use the combined image to be printed in document through BI Publisher by block:

So if you know a way to overlay an image on top of another in BI Publisher that also will be fine.

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks and Regards,

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