Adding title to a picture

Would someone know how to change the “auto draft” part to where i can add a name?
this is what the add page looks like. I dont see a place where i can change it?
I’ve never used wordpress and this is our company website that i got tasked to fix and no one knows how to do it.

Those must be the post title and the featured image in a post that is queried into a slider. It could also be the query settings in the slider as well.

Use prime slider a free plugin which is very beautiful and it has pictures with headings.

If the page is Home page, you will find the option in the customize option (top left side of the site) hopefully. Otherwise, install any slider plugin which your theme supports.

If you use a free domain on WordPress, installing plugins is prohibited in today’s update. To change the title name, go to your dashboard, and select ->Appearance->Customize. there you will be able to edit the title name.

That is not the “All Pages” menu. That looks like a plug-in that adds shortcode feature/lightbox section placed at the top of the landing page or specific pages. What vers. of wordpress? Classic or Gutenberg? There are 2 placed to start your look:Go to Appearance>widgets and look for the top or front page widgets. If not there

I suggest scrolling down to “plugins,” search your installed plugins for which shortcode plugin gives you that div feature. Then view details. That should take you to the plugin creators page.

Hello, this is Richard Tim. If you want to delete WordPress auto-drafts follow these steps, might be helpful for you.
Click Perfmatters Plugin Settings.
Click the Tools page. Perfmatters tools page.
Click the Database tab. Perfmatters database.
Turns on auto-draft posts. The number of autodrafts found is displayed to the right of it.
Scroll down and click Optimize Now.

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