Adding text to reduce keywords density

Hi, I have few questions about keywords density please.

  1. Is keywords density still an important aspect of seo?
  2. If so, can you check this site: .
    The word “Chinese” is 14%. Is that “stuffing” and it gets punished in Google?
  3. I have an idea to add random text in short paragraphs(3 lines) on each of the 9 commercial ads on this page below each logo. The random text is about the ad offer and it does not have keywords like “Chinese”. What do you think? Will it reduce the keywrods density and help me get better ranking in Google?


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Instead of worrying about such things simply write your content for your visitors and not search engines.

Hi and thanks for the welcome.
The problem is that the site owner wants to keep it that way with not much text content in it. He wants to keep it simple. I am trying to add 3 lines of random text in each ad to reduce keywords density. What do you think?

I didn’t check myself so i will have to ask you: is the 14% density when seen in the website? I mean counting also the sidebar text etc?

Anyway what bluedreamer said is right. You should not worry about search engines but instead write a compiling text for the visitors, if visitors like it search engines will too, simple as that.

Test question: When you read that headline over there, does it make sense to you or it just looks like a piece of content where keywords are thrown here and there?

The 14% are made of 12 counts without the sidebar and with the bottom bar.
The text I want to add in each ad belongs to that ad info and is relevant to the page content.

If it only takes a few words to explain something why use more? There’s absolutely no need to stuff a page with extra words if you don’t really need them.

There’s a key saying which is relevent here: Less is more

Let me give you two examples:

Version 1
Today in the UK saw the British Labour party prime minister, the Scot Gordon Brown, resign from his high office after several years holding the post that was previously held by Tony Blair. His successor, the Conservative party leader David Cameron, subsequently visited the queen to seek pernission to form a new government.

Version 2
Gordon Brown resigns as primie minister
David Cameron to form new government

Which version is easier to read and understand what’s happened?

For me, the second one, but it relies on assumed knowledge.

Give me another :smiley:

Either way, that headline needs to be changed into something more readable and compiling, as it is (sorry to say) but it doesn’t make any sense at all. You are right to advise client to decrease the keyword density (however I would not worry about it at all, but I would worry about the headline). Bluedreamer made you yet another example of how your headline should be. And yes you can add more descriptive content to the listings that ARE related to the page.

If client insist, don’t even bother to explain him more then twice, he/she might get irritated.

Keyword density has never been an important aspect of SEO. Please read the following:

If your page content contains natural usage and appropriate repetition of the keyword/phrase, along with relevant synonyms and contextually relevant surrounding/supporting text then that’s all you need.

It’s not really stuffing, but is bordering on “spammy” and looks written for Search Engines rather than humans.

You also need to look at the fact that Google only uses the anchor text for the first link repeated on a page. You’re wasting your time linking to the same page using different keyphrases.

On page factors like this will help little in ranking. You need to tell/educate your client that their time/money is better spent on building relevant backlinks to the site using your targeted keywords/phrases.

Good luck.

he he - I’d have to charge you for another version :wink:

I’m going to try and summarise the approach you should use in a completely different way, here’s what you should do to get your page copy exactly right for both search engines and human visitors:

Pretend there is no such thing as a search engine.

Easy. :slight_smile: