Adding slideshow arrows

Hi I have this slideshow on my main page and I’d like for the user to be able to move it backwards or forwards.

I made two arrows in PS and placed them where I want them.

Is this an easy task?

I can’t imagine it would be too hard to implement the arrow feature?

Any suggestions? I’m not really a JS guy, I write HTML, CSS, and design a lot in PS, but if given the right tools I’m sure I could figure it out.

Your existing slider does not provide any manner with which to support prev/next buttons, so you will first need to replace that slider with a different one that you know supports prev/next buttons.

Once you do that, we can help you to wire in those prev/next buttons.

ah ok.

I thought it was as easy as saying like onclick, progress slideshow one slide or something like that.

I really like the way my current slideshow has the text move up from the bottom of the slides to describe the images.

I guess I’d have to find one that has that option and the arrows options?

It is that easy when the slideshow supports the ability to trigger the next one, or the previous one. In this particular case with s3slider, those options do not exist.

Yes indeed.

Okay I got a new slideshow in there.

Is there anyway I can edit those left and right arrows? Like put in my own images for the arrows?

You have to hover on the image for the arrows to show up.


I found how to change the arrows!

I realyl like customizing the JS that is already out there, cool stuff.