Adding Search Feature

Hi guys, I’d like to add a search feature in my page (addviolation.aspx) just like in windows GUI. I have a search link in my page and if click on that link a new small browser (memberlist) will appear in front of the page (addviolation.aspx) that contains list of members. If I select on one of the member on the list, then it will appear on my first page (addviolation.aspx).

Can anyone give me an idea how am be able to do this.

Best would be to handle everything on one page with jQuery modal popups, etc. But if you want to open seperate js page, you can use to create a popup. But just know, that most modern browsers will block javascript popups like this

Of course, I know that through the use of JavaScript a I can open a popup window. But my concern is, how am be able to pass the value being selected on the modal window to my addviolation.aspx?

It’s just like in windows programming, in order for me to pass a value on a certain, I have to set the modifier of a textbox object to public.

You will have to pass the variables you need via query strings