Adding multiple images to a blog entry

Good day all,

Fairly new at PHP but I’m going to be developing a fairly basic blogging program to integrate with my site. I’m having a problem with the concept of adding images to my blog and was hoping for some insight.

The blog will be technically related to computer repairs so will have plenty of screen shots of various steps which means I’ll want to display a number of images throughout my post/blog/article etc. I’m simply unsure on where to start with this, I’ll be typing into a large text box very much like I am doing for this post but not really sure how I’d add images a various points and have them display correctly when retrieving the data from a database.

Will welcome all thoughts and maybe just some guidance to get me kickstarted on the right route.


I figured it would be a good study project more than anything but I’ll certainly check out word press for ideas.


Any particular reason you want to develop a blog program? Word Press is free, you can put it on your own site, and it handles images nicely.

If you really want to build your own, you might want to look at word press to get some ideas.